Support Teams

Support Teams
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Name:Led By:
Choir Directors/ Minister of Music Sister Cheryl Moore/ Minister Wade Sloan
Educational Department/Sunday School Pastor James Wynn
Extention Fund Bishop Jacob Chambliss
Foreign Mission Bishop Jobie Boone
Headquarters District Elder Victor Heggins
Health Ministry Evangelist C. Greene
International Evangelist Linda Hamlet
International Overseer Bishop Alonzo Headlam
International Secretary Pastor Grace Wilson
International Vice Chairman Bishop Jobie Boone
Men's Department Elder James Nicholson
Ministerial Department
Music Coordinator District Elder Victor Heggins
National Mother Mother Mildred Heggins
National Women's Convention Director Evangelist Mary Matthias
National Women's Department President Evangelist Gloria Ford
Presiding Prelate Bishop Winfred B Hamlet
Usher Coordinator Evangelist C Greene
Workshop Coordinator Vacant at Present
Youth & Young Adults Department Minister Wade Salon